August 24, 2016

Autumn Bucket List for 2016

Hello everyone,

my favourite season is near! I assume most of you have already figured out that I love Autumn more than anything. Maybe because I was born in September? Well, who knows :)
Anyways, thanks to my lovely friend Kristin, I prepare a bucket list for Autumn almost every year. Up until now, I never managed to check off everything on the list and year after year I promise to come up with more realistic ideas to finally manage to do it all. So here's another (not so desperate) attempt :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, here's my Autumn Bucket List for 2016:

It's written on tea-dyed paper by the way :)

So what have you planned for Autumn this year?


July 18, 2016


Hello everyone,

I'm just poppin' in to let you know, that Paper, Wool & Yarn is currently on Summer vacation :) New content can be expected around August/September 2016.


June 1, 2016

Done - I finally finished the Crochet Backpack!

Hello everyone,

as promised, here's the last part of the Crochet Backpack instructions!

First of all, we need to attach two buttons to the backpack at the 14th row from the top.
To do so, thread the yarn through the holes of the button as shown here:

Then loop through the front post DC shown in the picture below and hook 15 tight CH.

Afterwards, slide the button over the 15 CH and slip stitch around the same front post DC.

Up next, the Front Pocket:
  • 17 CH
  • 3 CH (first DC), 1 DC into 4th CH from hook, 15 DC, 2 DC into last CH   [19]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 18 DC  [19]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 1 DC into same DC, 17 DC, 2 DC into last DC   [21]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 20 DC   [21]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 1 DC into same DC, 19 DC, 2 DC into last DC   [23]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 22 DC   [23]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 1 DC into same DC, 21 DC, 2 DC into last DC   [25]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 24 DC   [25]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 1 DC into same DC, 23 DC, 2 DC into last DC   [27]
  • 3 CH (first DC), 26 DC   [27]

When finished, sew the pocket to the front of the backpack.
The result should look like this:

And last but not least, the Drawstring.
I decided to go for tight CH instead of braiding it. My drawstring measures about 120 cm, about three times the diameter of the backpack, which is about 37 cm.

Now thread the drawstring through the top section of the backpack as shown below. For easier threading, I recommend adding a saftey pin to one end for less fiddling.

Back of the backpack

Front left side of the backpack
(think back-to-front for the front right side)

And that's it, we're DONE :)

And to sum it up, here are the links to all of the different pattern parts so far:
Happy Hookin' :)


May 31, 2016


Hello everyone,

I've got a couple of things to share with you again so it's time for another FINDS posting :)

The titel of the YouTube video tells it all: Keeping it round when crocheting in the round. Very helpful!

Okay, this one is probably well know already. Nevertheless, I think it's worth mentioning because the lists of topics Cori aka The Reset Girl shares every month aren't just great for making lists. No, they also make great journaling prompts!


May 25, 2016

W.I.P. & we're almost there: The Crochet Backpack

Hello everyone,

here's yet another update on the The Crochet Backpack :)

Alright, the instructions:

Grap Handle:
  • Begin with 4 CH, then start hooking Basic Afghan stitch, 20 rows in total
  • Attach to flap as shown in the picture below 

Shoulder Straps:
  • Begin by looping through the six DC shown in the pictures below (click to enlarge)


  • Add about 100 rows in Basic Afghan stitch (my shoulder straps meassure about 60cm each)
  • Sew the end to the flap as shown in the picture

And here are the links to all of the different pattern parts so far:

I'm sort of determined to finish that thing soon so expect another and probably the last update on that project next week!

Happy hookin' :)